Sunday, 10 October 2010

Financial Times-My Favorite English newspapers for trips Abroad and World News

Do you often travel to destinations abroad and cannot get your normal newspapers everywhere? Go for the financial times-not what you propose the name only for financial affairs but a valuable source of information about things around our dynamic world.

I must admit that I went on many trips abroad before recognized the General value of the Financial Times and the requested in an airplane. I do not think it was before I was running some stocks trading as part of my pension savings that I dared to open Financial Times.

But never my favourite Financial Times has "about airplane Journal ', and often I take portions of for future reference. It is true that the financial times brings a lot of information about the business, business companies and the stock market around the world.But for me the real value of the Financial Times was the newspaper's comprehensive reports and reviews of what's happening in the world. overall Financial Times brings a little neutral information and evaluation reports.Sometimes a very critical approach fit into actual business journalism.

I interpret this severity as part of operation of the Financial Times as an important source of information for decision makers of large companies. Fake information or biased news regarding the situation in a country could not only mislead the reader, but it is a disaster for some decisions associated with large enterprises.

Frankly, many American politicians will be much better informed about the world outside of the United States if you took the time to read the financial times on a daily basis.Do not hesitate to recommend Financial Times of General American, like many Americans, unfortunately isn't reading a daily newspaper but is simply trust television news.

Television news, especially the most popular ones are not that reliable, especially before they about the rest of the world; to put it mildly, rather, the world will look very different if most Americans were at the level of the Financial Times as a backdrop for their policy stance and views for the world.

My original motivation for opening my first Financial Times a personal interest in me how does the stock market was the year before the collapse, and through my early warnings of this catastrophe for many stocks associated with the so-called new economy was able to avoid any serious and loses.

Therefore, also for the most common man who cares for his future reading Financial Times would be a good investment of time-and then at the same time the major benefit to achieve a much deeper understanding of how the world works, and how life is going around in this world beautiful but fragile.

Søren Breiting has spent a lot of time at airports and on airplanes to switch from Denmark in foreign countries related to international cooperation and his passion for photography that is reflected in the stock photos in Photo Gallery at and t photo calendar isn't a site Søren in any way connected with the financial times nor has any benefits associated with this world newspaper.

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